Depression is under – rated and so are you !

Sometimes people in your life will exploit your insecurities, make your wounds bleed. They will mock your voice until you choose to never speak. Your ears will be so accustomed to listening to people’s rants that you will choose to remain silent although having a million things inside you. You might pour your heart out to people who do not care at all. After getting the same mockful response a couple of times, you will stop putting faith in humans. People, whom you call ‘home’ ; will make you feel what homelessness is. As a result, you will try to shut yourself out from people, from the world. Your heart will try to break free from the cage it is caged inside. Your very ‘close ones’ will leave you and you will be on the ground thinking why you were never enough ; you will doubt your capability of loving people. At night, the moon will witness how you crumble down and the darkness in your room will listen to your sobs. Everyone fights sadness in some or the other form. You will somehow pass the night and when morning arrives, you will put up a bright smile like nothing ever happened. The person sitting right next to you will see you smiling not knowing that you’re doing it force your inner demons to shut up. You might feel like you’re fighting like a soldier for better days knowing that it has nearly zero possibility. You will start pretending to be FULL because you’ll be tired of allowing others to drain your soul empty. You will feel like your eyes are covered and your vision is blocked. Your mind will become a terrible place to reside. You will run to some people to take shelter, expecting them to love you and you’ll realise that you could have never been more stupid for they will make fun of your insecurities taking it as lightly as they can. You will feel embarrassed and it’s natural and your perspective for them will forever change.

BUT a day will finally come, when you’ll look straight into their eyes and feel nothing. There will be many who will try to shut you down in fear that you will rise up and that exactly will be the time when you should rise up. Leave everything that brings you down and fly as high as you can.

Eventually, there will be so many knives stuck inside your bones that even when someone hands you a rose, you will feel more scared of the thorns than being relieved seeing the petals. It takes time, I know ; but you will make it through. It is far harder to live and to fight than it is to give up, which is precisely why you are so strong. Every person who is alive ; is under–rated because it takes a lot to live and to fight than to give up. Don’t you give up ! Yes, depression is real but so is healing. It won’t last long. Your days will come. You will find people who will respect you, your decisions and will never ever just laugh off your insecurities. You will find someone to put your faith in, someone you can rely on. Hold on ! Hold strong ! You are not alone.


The End

Written by :-

Poornendu Ranjan Chatterjee

ISC Batch 2018